The Independent Organization of Little Caesars Franchisees was formed in 1997 by the franchisees of Little Caesars Enterprises.

In 2001 the organization was responsible for negotiating a class settlement that restructured the relationship between the Corporation and its’ franchisees. From that settlement significant rights were established for the franchisees. National advertising contributions were reduced from 4% to .25% and the right to purchase food and supplies from an outside approved vendor was gained for all franchisees in the system prior to Sept. 1, 2001. Two committees were formed made up of six organization members and six corporate personnel.

The Marketing Committee has direct control over mandatory contributions to the National Advertising Fund (Caesar Fund) for Settlement Class members and has direct input on marketing decisions made by the Corporation.

The Operations Committee allows franchisees input into store-level operations, product specs, distribution and changes to the Franchise Agreement. The Committee must be notified at least 90 days prior to any changes within the scope of their mandate.

Since reaching the settlement the IOLCF has worked to build a mutually beneficial relationship with LCE. The committees meet quarterly either in person or by teleconference.