Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Independent Organization of Little Caesar Franchisees is to:

  • Articulate and advocate the needs, interests and goals of its Members in the context of a constructive and cooperative relationship with their franchisor;
  • Foster and promote the interests of those individuals and entities who are franchisees of Little Caesars Enterprises, Inc.;
  • Protect and enhance the economic investments of Little Caesars franchisees;
  • Unite such franchisees in a national, system-wide association to consider, agree and act in unison upon all matters affecting the activities and businesses of the Members;
  • Cooperate for the improvement of the legal, business and financial conditions relating to such franchisees;
  • Secure, preserve, analyze, disseminate and distribute accurate and reliable information for its Members;
  • Leverage group purchasing power to provide programs economically beneficial to its Members;
  • Articulate and advocate the needs and interests of its Members before legislative, administrative and judicial branches of local, state, and national governments.