Member Programs


Snagajob Hiring Manager includes a dedicated Franchisee website so managers can direct walk-in applicants to apply online at their convenience and eliminate interruptions.

The increased applicant flow that’s generated from recruiting from Snagajob’s built-in job seeker community is also funneled through the online apply process, putting all applicants in one place.

When applicants apply through Hiring Manager, they take an industry- and position-specific behavioral assessment. Based on the results, applicants are ranked against top performers and are given a score and color rating to highlight the best.

To make the hiring process even more efficient, Hiring Manager can automatically conduct tax credit screening, background checks, and Snagajob’s onboarding software can speed up the new hire paperwork process, confirm an employee’s identity using the government’s E-Verify system and integrate directly with payroll systems to fill in employee information.