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The Independent Organization of Little Caesars Franchisees (IOLCF) was formed in 1997 by the franchisees of Little Caesars Enterprises.

In 2001 the organization was responsible for negotiating a class settlement that restructured the relationship between the Corporation and its’ franchisees. From that settlement significant rights were established for the franchisees. National advertising was abolished and the right to purchase food and supplies from an outside vendor was gained for franchisees in the system prior to Sept. 1, 2001.

From 2004 – 2018 the Association purchased and distributed supplies to Little Caesar franchisees through the Advanced Purchasing Cooperative (APC).

As a result of the Settlement Agreement two committees were formed made up of six organization members and six corporate personnel:

The Marketing Committee provides input into all future advertising campaigns and has oversight responsibility of our national advertising funds (Caesar Fund).
The Operations Committee provides input into store-level operations, product specs, distribution and changes to the Franchise Agreement.

As of Jan. 1, 2022 most of the agreed upon requirements of the Settlement Agreement have now expired however, many of the provisions remain historically in place and function as much needed communication channels between LCE and its franchisees.

The IOLCF continues to elect from its membership franchisees to serve on the various committees and promote the best interests of the Little Caesar franchisee.

Our Purpose...

...to help your business succeed

  • 1

    Articulate and advocate the needs, interests and goals of its Members in the context of a constructive and cooperative relationship with their franchisor
  • 2

    Protect and enhance the economic investments of Little Caesars franchisees
  • 3

    Leverage group purchasing power to provide programs economically beneficial to its Members
  • 4

    Unite franchisees in a national, system-wide association to consider, agree and act in unison upon all matters affecting the activities and businesses of the Members
  • 5

    Foster and promote the interests of those individuals and entities who are franchisees of Little Caesars Enterprises, Inc.
  • 6

    Cooperate for the improvement of the legal, business and financial conditions relating to such franchisees
  • 7

    Secure, preserve, analyze, disseminate and distribute accurate and reliable information for its Members
  • 8

    Articulate and advocate the needs and interests of its Members before legislative, administrative and judicial branches of local, state, and national governments

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