Member Benefits

  • 1

    Organization and unity among fellow franchisees to advocate your interests to LCE.

  • 2

    Eligible to vote on issues of importance in Association led pulling of franchisees. There is strength in numbers!

  • 3

    Participation in our ‘Weekly Sales Survey’. Member franchisees from around the country share weekly sales and cost results.

  • 4

    Eligible to serve on joint LCE / IOLCF committees. The Marketing Committee reviews all future Caesar Fund expenditures and the Operations Committee is consulted on changes to operational procedures, specifications and the franchise agreement.

  • 5

    Protection for your future through professional legal counsel.

  • 6

    Eligible to vote in IOLCF elections.

  • 7

    The Toga Times quarterly news magazine. Providing news about franchising and food service that will help you run your business.

  • 8

    General membership meetings to discuss issues affecting your business and network with fellow franchisees.

  • 9

    A web-site that is a resource for you to learn information about your association, the corporation and franchise news.

  • 10

    Vendor discounts through franchisee group purchasing.’

Vendor Partnership Programs

  • Business Insurance
    USI Insurance Services

    Providing P&C and WC insurance with reduced premiums and lower risk through large group participation.

  • Health Insurance
    Elevanta Health

    Providing Blue Cross / Blue Shield health insurance to individual operators, their employees and families.

Dedicated to building win-win relationships on behalf of all members, large and small.

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