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Reduce your credit card fees through Titanium’s cash discount pricing. Current LC franchisees seeing up to 2% points added to their bottom lines.


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Are you looking for affordable health coverage for your company so you don’t have to go unprotected? We have great news for you and your employees! With Elevanta Health you have access to a health care program designed exclusively for franchisees. The Elevanta Health program includes benefits for Little Caesars franchisees and family members, as well as all classes of employees, with a variety of coverage options.

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The IOLCF has endorsed a Property & Casualty insurance program called Risk Control Solutions. USI Insurance Services, Inc. is the administrator for this group program. Risk Control Solutions focuses on communicating Best Practices and Claims Solutions amongst participants.

The USI insurance program provides group coverage on Property, Casualty & Workers Compensation insurance. Individual owners enjoy the benefit of lower premiums and the assurance of reduced risk through large group participation. Franchisees are seeing immediate premium savings through this insurance program.

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IOLCF has endorsed SIB Fixed Cost Reduction to review and reduce monthly expenses for franchisees.

SIB offers a wide range of services to IOLCF members, such as negotiating better contracts for recurring monthly service expenses, and by finding and correcting errors and overcharges on past bills. Through expert analysis, SIB will discover if franchisees have overpaid or are currently overpaying on services such as telecom, utilities, waste removal, maintenance contracts, and other recurring bills. IOLCF members only pay SIB a percentage of the final, realized savings.

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Christian Johnson

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The on-demand paycheck benefit that allows employees access to their earnings at no cost or risk to businesses. Drive productivity, employee health, and a positive company culture with our financial wellness employee benefit


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Maintaining your employee data in filing cabinets, spreadsheets, or multiple separate software systems costs you in time and money. Connect your employee information from end to end with EmCentrix, an all-in-one HR software that consolidates your employee data, applicant tracking, onboarding, time clocks, time sheets, time off, benefits, performance management, employee files, and more, all in a single platform that integrates with payroll and POS systems. All of this information is shared and updated throughout the enterprise online, without the need for redundant data entry, streamlining your HR & payroll processes and saving you time and money.

EmCentrix can integrate with your existing vendors, and have created a partnership with Altametrics to connect your HR data with your POS, providing an enterprise-wide solution that is both powerful and simple.

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